Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Please Hold Me One Last Time, next bottle to be left somewhere in the streets of Vegas....

Sometimes they are in the hands of visitors, sometimes they are tossed aside by locals or vagrants just having a drink to escape. Old bottles speckle this town. They lie discarded and dirty on street corners, in bushes, at old public telephones or in alleyways. You Killed Me First’s 2014 Lost Bottle Project is an attempt to reach people with these inanimate objects in this local culture, using found items and words to convey a sense of hurt, emotional longing and loneliness.

What is simply cast off by the drinker and ignored by the passer by as nothing more than trash is elevated to art. YKMF attempts to give a second thought to these bottles. Turning them into a study of who, what, when and why, through statements which question the viewer’s intention. What looks like a piece of trash on the roadside, isn't. What appears to be just another discarded bottle will be something else when looked at more closely.

"I have reclaimed these bottles as my own and let them speak for themselves."

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