Tuesday, May 20, 2014

For Sale: 12X16, $35

Grim Grinning Post: 2 Versions...

Acrylic, wheatpaste, digital print. You Killed Me First revisits the image of the Disney Haunted Mansion plaque in this piece. He continues to explore this image in a dilapidated state. His own take on the Haunted Mansion wallpaper- complete with images of his Spade heart logo and wild style signature- looks as though it has been on the canvas forever. Like from a room of a forgotten building, the distressing is more subtle in some senses than plaque pieces before and has an eerie sense of realness --As if a musty odor of decay were to emanate from the piece. A black shadow is cast around the actual plaque allowing the center image to jump out from the background as if moving towards you. There are some dark red drops mixed with black splattered across the front, but not drastically… as if the splatters have started to fade over time.

12X16, $35

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